Saturday, 15 October 2011


Set in 1980s Swansea, Wales, “Submarine” is a coming of age comedy with both genuinely funny and bitterly sad moments but, most of all, with the ultimate soundtrack, composed exclusively of Alex Turner’s melancholic ballads.
The main character, Oliver Tate, coincidentally played by an Alex Turner uncanny lookalike, Craig Roberts, is struggling between discovering love and sexuality with his dark, pyromaniac love interest Jordana, and trying to save the marriage of his parents, beautifully played by Happy Go Lucky’s Sally Hawkins and Noah Taylor, which is jeopardized with the arrival of his mum’s first love, an obnoxious new-age self-help guru.
The IT Crowd and The Mighty Boosh’s Richard Ayoade’s directorial debut has been unavoidably compared to Wes Anderson or Michel Gondry and I believe it’s a good thing: although it may not be deeply original nor flawless, it’s a great, entertaining film. And who doesn’t love a bit of welsh accent once in a while?


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